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How do I get rid of a court appointed guardian ad litem ASAP

Itasca, IL |

My oldest daughter who is 15 has not seen her father in 3 years and he recently took me to court over it. He was very emotionally abusive to her and caused her to develop an eating disorder and begin self injuring. The court appointed a guardian ad litem. My daughter talked to the guardian and she said she wouldn't make her start seeing her father. However before even talking to my daughters doctors and therapists she ran in to court demmanding my daughter immediately have contact with her father. Her psychiatrist said she would be in danger to herself if she had to visit him. However the guardian is going into court on Tuesday and giving my ex custody of her

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You can't "get rid of" a guardian ad litem, as this is a person that the court appoints because the trust them and give their reccomendations great weight.

However, you or your attorney have the right to openly question the GAL's findings of fact and conclusions. Through cross examination you can discredit the GAL's findings. You may also submit testimony of your own regarding your daughter's condition.

Based on the facts that you have set out, I reccomend seeking a continuance of the hearing and retaining an experienced custody attorney to go in prepared to fight the GAL findings.

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Andrew is 100% correct.


The thing to do is to hire an attorney to advocate for you. It is simply not feasible for you to think you can "get rid of" a court appointed guardian ad litem because you say you'd like to. Without detailed reasons advocated by your lawyer under the applicalbe Illinois law, you are going to get no where.