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How do I get Power Of Attorney of my grandmother?

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My grandmother is 70 years old and has Dementia / Alzheimer's . My dad has PA , but he is in Japan and he gets all of her funds . However , he do not send any of her funds for me to provide care for her . I am unable to get her the care she needs because I don't have the funds for it . I am only 28 years old so I really don't know where to turn to . She also is unable to see her physician every month like she suppose to because he does not send the copay money for it . The physician recommended for her to be put in a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation , but her insurance only pays 70s . Since my grandmother has a lot of things in her name she does not qualify Medicaid . Will you please help me because she really need medical care and I have no one to turn to for help ?

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See a local attorney is Baton Rouge who is familiar with guardianships and conservatorships. Often time local bar associations can make referrals if you are not able to identify attorneys who have those skills required. Until there is some type of judicial intervention your grandmother's circumstances are unlikely to change.

This is a general answer only and you should seek the advice of counsel to address facts specific to your circumstances.


I agree with Attorney Hackard that the local bar association is a good place to start looking for an experienced attorney who can help you, maybe even at a reduced cost.

This posting is for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship. For more information, please visit

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