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How do I get out of a parking ticket for a car I sold almost a year back but with no documentation?

Los Angeles, CA |

I sold my car last April. I unfortunately forgot to submit a Release of Liability form and the new owner has not yet registered the car. So I got a parking ticket violation sent to my home. Only then did I realize that the new owner had not registered the car in his name and immediately submitted a Release of Liability form. I contested the ticket but the Parking Violations bureau has asked me to submit the name and address of the responsible party but I don't remember his name or have his address.
How do I get out of this mess?

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Wish I could help. Only thing I can think of is banking records...


Hopefully one of my learned colleagues from your state will have a bright idea, but it seems difficult if you are unable to support your defense at all at this point. I'm obviously not familiar with the vehicle titling laws of your state, but I can't see how a scenario like you've described could be repeated in my state PA.


Unfortunately, without the filing of the release of liability form , there is no way to know if you were indeed the owner or not. A bill of sale would likely not be convincing evidence either, unless it is something official when the ticket was issued.