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How do I get my squatter out if my home?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

An acquaintance come to my home and won't leave. She and her friends have stolen from me, she hasn't offered to pay a dime, and has really unsavory characters visiting all hours. I just found out that she has a warrant; but I'm hesitant to call the law because I'm out on bond right now and don't want to get charged with harbor ing . Please help; I cannot handle the trouble she's bringing to my home. She hasn't been here quite 30 days, doesn't get mail here, and has not contributed to my home at all..

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A an accused defendant out on bond is correct to be concerned about the appearance of having a a wanted person in your home. However, you may not be required to call law enforcement, a simple threat to do so may cause her to leave. If not, I think it more likely than not that the police would be more interested in locating a wanted fugitive than violating the person who turned her in. You should talk to your attorney for advice. Good luck.

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Since you do not have a specific rental agreement with the acquaintance, you can not evict her. Eviction can be had only when there is a verbal or written lease. You can have her removed by way of an action called "Unlawful Detainer"--she came in as a guest, now won't leave.

I do not do criminal law, but in a way you ARE harboring: by not calling law enforcement you are enabling her to stay there.

You may also want to consider getting out of there yourself. I can see her claiming domestic violence.

I recommend that you consult with a criminal defense attorney to learn what you should or should not be doing with regard the harboring issue.

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You can bring a civil action for either unlawful detainer or ejectment. Asserting your rights through a civil action should not create a problem for you. You should consult an experienced lawyer in your area.

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As indicated above, if she will not leave voluntarily, you need to file an ejectment action asap. If you want to proceed call my office

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