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How do I get my son's mom to understand that having sole custody does not mean making random rules and telling me what to do?

Chicago, IL |

I drop him off and within minutes they have drilled him for info and i get 2-3 emails on her opinions and new rules. how do I get her to understand that she cant A- cant put our son in the middle and B cant make up random rules and thinking I will abide by them.

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Get yourself back into mediation or even better, family counseling. You might need the help of your lawyer to guide things along.


You can lead a horse to water . . . .

She may never get it. The thing to do si get this matter back into court -- you'll have to go through mediation to get there -- and make it known to the court what is going on.

It sounds like her actions amount to abuse. You need to act for your child's well-being.

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Try mediation, and if that doesn't work, get the matter into court.

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