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How do i get my settlement money?

Virginia Beach, VA |

I was in a car accident and I am suppose to recieve money when I am 18 but I need the money now for school. Is there any way possible for me to access that money?

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It depends on where the money is now. If it is in an annuity, you can't access that money due to the terms of the contract. It may also not be possible for you to sell you rights to the annuity in exchange for a bit less money because you are presumably a minor ( a minor cannot contract with a third party money advance firm to my knowledge).

If the money remains in the court's registry, you might be able to petition the judge for an advance on the money for school purposes.

I'd suggest contacting the attorney that assisted with the car accident settlement. That attorney will have all the info you need. Good luck.



Thank You so much!


Call the lawyer who handled your case to discuss.

The answer does not create an attorney/client relationship and is for informational purposes only.

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The answer is… it depends. Assuming you had a lawyer for the case, you should discuss this matter with him/her. Either way, it is almost certainly going to take a court order to release any of the money. Education is likely going to be a sufficient reason for the release of money… however you will likely need to prove where the funds go (proof of payment). In short, if you had a lawyer, talk with him/her. If you didn’t it would make the process smother to get one.

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