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How do i get my security license back from a misdemeanor charge ?

Shreveport, LA |

about 13 years ago i got in to it with my neigbors on aggravated assault charge. i did no jail time, did not say i was guilty, the judge took the neigbors testimonies which was all family members. so she dicided that i was guilty. the neigbors claim i waved a gun at them, which was false. yes i did have my security guard uniform on coming from work, with my weapon on i did my one year probation, pay all of my fines. i continue to work as a security guard, with my license for 13 years. now this year of 2009 the louisiana state board of private security examiners went back all those years in dicided to take my security liciense. this is a misdemeanor charge, not a felnoy charge. they there is no limatation on how for they can go back. for 13 years i have not broken the law.

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Attorney answers 1


First of all you should have gotten your record expunged years ago. I would get that done now and seek an attorney in your jurisdiction to get your license reinstated...Assuming, you are not just now paying off your fines connected with this case or paid the f ines off less than three years ago.