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How do I get my managers to stop treating me with disrespect?

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I work at a restaurant, the head chef and GM both cuss at the employees on a regular basis. The food and beverage manager (the one above the servers/bar staff), is constantly talking about how dumb or stupid the employees are to other employees, she also has a way of degrading us without actually calling us names. She does not let us take eating breaks when we work over 8 hours straight, but she will sit and eat right in front of us while talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. Who do I call to help fix this place? The managers above them know a lot about what is going on and still nothing has changed!!! HELP

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Basically under current Ohio law the scales have tipped in favor of your employer being able to treat you badly even exposing your good health as a condition of employment. However, if they are violating federal labor laws they may be liable for damages. You need a good lawyer.

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Unfortunately, there is no law that prevents someone from being a bad boss, or just a bad person in general. A claim of hostile work environment relies on mistreatment due to sexual harassment or discrimination under Title VII (age, race, gender, etc.). Is your boss equally disagreeable to all employees or does she focus her degradation on a certain group of people?

I would recommend that you meet with an employment attorney who can look over your case facts specifically and recommend what, if any, legal recourse you may have.

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