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How Do I get My License back after A year suspension for DUI

Malibu, CA |

I got arrested a year ago for DUI as a minor, but my case never got filed by the DA. Now that it's been over a year, It's over the suspension period.

How can I get my license back other than come up with an SR-22? I've never had to go to a court appointed DUI program since my case neve got filed, but I know the certificate of completion of a DUI program is one of the requirement to get the license back. Please advised!

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"...I know the certificate of completion of a DUI program is one of the requirement to get the license back."

Actually the completion of a DUI program is not necessarily one of the license reissue requirements.

You only have to attend a DUI class that is appropriate for a conviction... since there was no conviction there cannot be a class requirement. You can take that to the bank... er, DMV!

There are times where a court might order an incorrect program, or fails to order any program. In those cases the DMV will decide the correct program and will require that that program be completed. But in your case the DMV has no information upon which to base a program requirement... thus they only have authority over the suspension period.


Did the DMV actually suspend your license because you were a minor with alcohol over.01 in your system? You might have completed your suspension. Check with DMV. You might be able to get your license right away.

Andrew Roberts



Yes, I had 0.03 bac based on the letter DMV sent me. Does this mean I can go to the DMV and show proof of financial responsibility, pay the reinstatement fee and I'll get my license?

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts


I believe so - let me know


Since you were never convicted in court, you don't have to do a DUI program, but you do have to come up with an SR-22. That's mandatory.


Go to the DMV and request your license back. If they insist on a SR-22, get it from your insurance company. It should be free or only a nominal fee. Do not be concerned about them learning about your DUI from your request. If it happened over a year ago, they already know about it from your DMV record which they check annually.

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