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How do I get my drivers license back? Washington State.

Silverdale, WA |

I havnt had a drivers license since 2005. Suspended in the 3rd degree. Problem is I owe alot in fines to much to just pay them off. (That would probably take years) what do I do to get my license back? I cant get in anymore trouble.

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Many courts have a "re-licensing" program. These programs help set you up on a payment plan and if/when you make satisfactory progress you can often receive your license back even though fines are still partially owing. The courts and the prosecutors in these jurisdictions generally understand that these are basically crimes of poverty - which has an element of unfairness. Contact the courts where the tickets/fines initiated and ask if they have a "re-licensing program. If so, check it out to see what the requirements are and and whether it sounds like a good program for you.


The re-licensing program is a great option to reduce what you owe. If you have a lot of outstanding tickets though, it probably will not completely forgive what you owe. However, if the tickets are in collections (which is sounds like some are if they are as old as 2005), you can contact the various courts and ask that the tickets be pulled out of collections and you be allowed to enter into a payment plan. If you can save up around 25% (each court may have different requirements), the court will remove the restriction on your license and put you on a monthly payment plan for the rest of the amount. This would allow you to get your license back while you are on the payment plan, but if you miss a single payment, your license would be re-suspended. Contact the DOL to get your driving abstract to see all the tickets are are holding your license and the courts each ticket is out of if you do not know. And also, any tickets from before 2005 that you owe cannot hold your license (although you still owe them)


There are ways to get your driver's license back, but the approach depends on the reason for your suspension. License's can be suspended for failing to appear at a required court date, unpaid child support, unpaid tickets or legal financial obligations, or as a result of criminal convictions. You can contact me through my website for a free consultation for a free consultation.

Shane Silverthorn