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How do I get my driver's license back after it was suspended to unpaid ticket?

Fresno, CA |

I could not afford the ticket. I also had 2 other tickets I had to pay for. I could only afford to pay for 2 and not all 3.

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In order to get your license back you need to pay all of your outstanding tickets or at the very least show that you have entered into a payment plan to pay off all the outstanding fees and fines. Traffic tickets fines grow exponentially and the longer you let them sit the more you will owe on them. Take care of the situation as soon as possible. It is highly likely that your driver’s license is in a suspended status at this point. This means if you are caught driving you will be arrested for a 14601.1.
Robert Driessen


As Mr. Dreissen as stated this situation needs to be dealt with ASAP. You license could be in suspension for your for your faiure to take care of the outstanding ticket. Courts are becoming a bit more understanding due to conditions in the economy- but you simply cannot ignore it. At this point you probably should retain attorney to deal with this. (more money- but maybe a good resolution for in the long term).

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