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How do I get my divorce finalized after the case is consolidated with a separate case? Do I file signed decree before court?

Belton, TX |

Can I ask the judge at the consolidation hearing to set the cases for final hearing? Or do I have to call back afterward to get it set for hearing?
Do I file a signed copy of my divorce decree before going to court for final hearing or just have it and copies with me for judge?

The first case is a temporary custody case of our children with my sister.

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You can request the court coordinator to set the case for final after the cases have been consolidated. You do sign the final decree before you go to court and take copies. Take the decree and the copies with you to court.

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Do I need to file (with the clerk) the signed final decree before the court date for the divorce?



I would like to have an attorney look over my decree before court. Could you look it over for me?


Ask your attorney. If you do not have one, then call the Court's clerk to see what their procedure is. Good Luck.

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I suggest that you talk with your attorney about this issue. If you do not have an attorney, you should consult with an attorney. At that meeting, be sure to bring all pleadings and orders from both cases with you. Thank you.

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