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How do I get my child's medical bills reimbursed through a child support order?

Mattoon, IL |

My child had dental surgery last month. the surgery nor prior appointment were not covered under the childs insurance. I would like the Non Custodial Parent held accountable for some of these bills. NCP justs pays support and has not been ordered to pay medical and this is a judicial order. IDHS is involved because its a IV-D case. Can I ask child support services to help? or court? and what do I file?

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Attorney answers 2


If the father was not ordered to pay these expenses, you can ask but you might not get any relief. IDHS generally handles only child support so you might do well to retain an attorney, especially since your child will continue to have expenses that are not covered by insurance or support and if you do not take care of this matter, you could easily have more problems.


do a motion for dad to pay medical under 750 ilcs 5/505.1.