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How do i get more child support?

Lincoln, NE |

Im 15 and my son is almost 1 year old. My babys father is 16 and at the moment im only getting 36$ a month. Im supposed to be getting 50$ but he isnt paying it. His fathers child support is coming to me. So that leaves him with no responsibility. even with 50$a month that isnt enough. How do i get the state to make him paymore than that?

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Your son's father is ordered to pay the minimum amount allowed under the Nebraska guidelines, likely because he is only 16 and won't be considered an adult himself for another 3 years. The difference between what he is paying and what he is supposed to pay will continue to build as past due. When it reaches a certain amount, child support enforcement will take steps to have him held in contempt of court. This is usually filed by child support enforcement attorneys without you needing to do anything. If you do not want to wait for the county attorney to do something, you can talk with your parents about hiring an attorney privately to either hold your son's father in contempt or look at your options for modifying the amount.

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