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How do i get married to my boyfriend in county jail in washington state?

Tacoma, WA |

My boyfriend is going to prison and before he does we want to get married while he is still in county jail

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Attorney answers 3


Ask the county sheriff or the jail superintendent.


Some jails have a staff member to officiate a service. Judges and retired judges can officiate weddings and have the same jail access as practicing lawyers--so that may be an option. You need to get your wedding license and 2 witnesses which may manke working with the corrections staff the best option.


Start by asking the jail what their regulations are. Many will not agree without the permission of the prosecutor because they have concerns about whether or not it could keep you from testifying. If the prosecutor is agreeable get your license, blood test, line up a minister or judge and witnesses. It will most likely be a "no contact" ceremony. Make sure to have the ceremony before sentencing if you are concerned about conjugal visits while he is in prison. Good luck.

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