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How do I get legal rights to my child if I am not married to the mother

Conyers, GA |
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You have the exact same rights she does as to custody, visitation and support. If you and she cannot reach an agreement regarding those issues you will have to file a proceeding in court to give you your rights. Consult a family law attorney.

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In Georgia if the child is born out of wedlock you still have the duty to provide support for the child, but you have to legally legitimate the child before you have any right to seek custody or visitation. This is normally done through a petition for legitimation. I would suggest speaking with an attorney about this. While the test for determining custody is simply what is in the best interests of the child, litigating the issue can be complicated. Also, whomever gets primary physical custody will very likely receive child support from the other parent, so you want to make sure the issue is handled correctly the first time you go to court rather than having to come back to address the issue later.

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