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How do I get into the PRETRIAL INTERVENTION/DIVERSION program in florida?

Jacksonville, FL |

I was involved in an accident in a parking lot where I hit a parked car with no person in it. I left without leaving my info but then came back to give it to the lady. I am being charged with leaving the scence still. This is my first offense and I am in college and on scholarships can I enter the program?

This was not a DUI case...just me not paying attention.

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Most jurisdictions in Florida do not allow a diversion or intervention for any criminal traffic offenses. You should contact an attorney in your area to see if you are even eligible.


PTI is basically a contract between you and the Office of the State Attorney. Hit and Run is a criminal traffic matter for which PTI may or may not be available. The State Attorney determines which offenses and defendants are permitted to be in the program. I am not sure why you are being charged unless your return was after the police arrived or a great deal of time had elapsed. You may or may not have a defense. You need an attorney to help you with both the defense of your case or the admission into PTI if that is your decision and it is available or negotiation of a plea deal if that is your choice. As a criminal traffic matter, this charge will show up on your criminal history if convicted.

Ron Slonaker
Board Certified Mediator Circuit Civil & Mortgage Foreclosures
Ocala, FL

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As noted, diversion is not an option normally provided to criminal traffic offenders, but that does not mean it is not possible. I have successfully gotten PTI for a leaving the scene charge before. It requires getting to the state attorney and having them agree, which means arguing on your behalf that you are a great candidate.

You need an advocate, in other words, to even have a chance. Speak to an attorney. Good luck.

The above is provided for educational purposes only and is not legal advice nor makes you a client of the Mosca Law Firm, PA. Please consult with a lawyer in order to obtain confidential legal advice that is tailored to your specific situation and facts.


This may depend on the prosecutor. I just had a case like your in Gainesville, where a students ran into a tree, and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, and we got him into a PTI program, after which it was dropped. Call me, if you want to discuss further. I think you need somebody to represent you on this.


This is not intended to be legal advise and does not establish and attorney-client relationship. Rather this is meant for educational purposes only.

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