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How do I get guardianship of my mentally disabled mother. My grandmother currently has it, but she is getting forgetful.

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Hopefully things can be worked out amicably, but if you feel it necessary you should hire an attorney to petition the court to remove your grandmother as guardian and replace with you.

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One can petition the probate court for appointment of guardianship. If there is already a court appointed guardian, then a petition can be filed for a change in guardianship. In some cases, the current court appointed guardian and the prospective guardian may be able to come to an agreement changing guardianship. If course, the probate court must approve any such agreement. Notably, if there is also a need to manage property and assets, a conservatorship may be more appropriate.

Consult personally with an attorney to determine the best options based on your personal circumstances. I wish you well with resolving your legal issue.

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How to go about changing the guardian / conservator, or even whether such a change is needed, depends on the circumstances of your case. As Attorney Brown has indicated, the procedure can be significantly streamlined if the family agrees on a suitable G/C and presents that to the court by consent.

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