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How do I get emancipated at 17 in New York

New York, NY |

How do I go about getting emancipated at 17 in order to be declared a legal adult and get out of my parents house?

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Start by being self supporting. Do you have a job? A place to live? If you can at all wait, your best bet is to stay with your parents until you're 18 and save, save, save until that time.

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There is no specific application or petition to "emancipate" yourself. Until you are 18, you are still (legally-speaking) a child who must be governed by your parents. Understand that if you leave the house against your parents wishes, you forfeit your ability to request any financial support from them.

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You need to have a plan to pay for your food, clothing , and shelter. Also, think long range about completing your education and increasing your career potentials.

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I agree with both attorneys. Go to school during the day. Get a job after school. You'll be out of the home for a gread portion of the day. Save your money and wait until you turn 18.