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How do I get documents on my juvenile record in Florida? How can I get it sealed? I live in California now.

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I need paperwork, documents, etc on my juvenile record in Florida. When I was 17, I committed felony theft (it might have gotten reduced to misdemeanor but I need to see proof and documentation). I did a diversion program but I do not believe I got it sealed. I also need documents from the diversion program. I did not go to court. I am not sure if I was convicted or not. What can I do? I live in California now. How can I get this sealed? Also in Florida, according to that a juvenile record will automatically get expunged when I am the age 24. Does this still apply to me (sine I live in California now) or is my juvenile record under Florida law because that is where it occurred? Also will my juvenile record show on background searchs (not live scan/ finger print database)?

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You need to ask again but put your location as Florida, so that attorneys there will answer. The laws vary state to state. Good luck.


You need to contact an attorney in Florida. A California court cannot seal a conviction from Florida.


These are great questions for a Florida attorney. Use the "Find a Lawyer" function on Avvo and search for an attorney in the city in Florida where your case was venued. Good luck.


Why not contact the Florida attorney who handled your juvenile case?

Law Offices of Jay S. Finnecy 619-855-3003.