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How do i get custody of my daughter when she lives a house where there are drugs and parties consently

Groton, CT |

my daughter lives currently w her father because he claimed i kidnapped her and took her out of state when he brought me to where i currently live he says that he is more better of a parent than i am and accuses me of being a bad influance on her when i have raised her for 10 mths before she had to go w him now the courts gave him full custody and i was wondering how i could get custody of her he has a past anger record and alchol problems please help me

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If you can demonstrate sufficient changed circumstances and establish that it is not in your child's best interest to be with her father, you may have a chance in getting custody. However, you would have to establish that you are able to adequately meet your childs needs both physically and emotionally. If you want to move forward with this, I recommend you consult with an attorney.