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How do i get criminal charges dismissed

Atlanta, GA |

i was charged two years ago and not indicted as of yet but due to the pending charges my parole was revoked, the parole board says they will reconsider my revocation if these charges are dismissed, how do i push for dismissal of these charges since the state is not trying to push forward so that i may be released.

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The statute of limitations on most felonies is four years so the fact that two years have passed does not provide a basis for dismissal. Some crimes have no statute of limitations while others don’t start running until the crime is uncovered. There are actions that can be taken to move your case along. You should hire an attorney to help you with this.

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The best thing for you to do is retain a lawyer so they can personally press your issues with the DA's office.

Please be aware that this can be a dangerous tactic, though. Right now, depending on where you are in GA, the local prosecutor may have virtually forgotten about your case and, after the statute of limitations has run, it would be impossible for them to prosecute you.

That does not help you much in the meantime, however. With your current situation it would benefit you greatly to search out a lawyer who has excellent personal connections to the prosecutors office which is prosecuting you. They need to find the DA in charge of your case and press your issue, as the parole board LOVES to release people that are being held under less than strong circumstances due to the overcrowding in the prisons. Good Luck!

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You need a lawyer to help you with this. One may not only be able to pursue this with the DA's office further, but also supply the parole board with documents that tend to show the unlikelihood of an indictment and the underlying weaknesses in the case. A good attorney can work both angles to achieve the best possible result.

Good luck!