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How do I get civil demand employees to stop hassling me?

El Paso, TX |

I was caught at a Kmart for shoplifting, but the value of the item stolen was a minuscule 4$. No charges were pressed and I was let go in a few minutes, however now I'm being bombarded with letters and calls from Palmer Riefler and Associates asking for 254 dollars in "reparation" I feel this amount is outrageous. So far I've been ignoring these calls and letters, as is the general consensus amongst lawyers to do so, but I want to know if there's anything I can do to make them stop? Would it be a good idea to tell them I have legal representation and he/she adviced me to ignore them?

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If you tell the law firm you are represented, you will continue to get calls and letters. Check with your phone carrier. You may be able to block the call, especially if it is on your cell.

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