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How do I get child support for my 2 kids (1 & 4) when dealing with an out-of-state case?

Randallstown, MD |

Shortly after college, I got involved with my HS sweetheart and moved from MD to NC to be with him. I stayed for 3 years. I left when I was pregnant with the 2nd child because I couldn't take the abuse.

When I moved back to MD I filed for childsupport. That was almost 2 years ago. Although I am in the system with NC childsupport, no court date or CS order has been rendered. When I ask MD CS, they tell me their hands are tied and they are at the mercy of NC. They have sent many inquiries with no reply. When I ask NC CS they tell me to take it up with MD.

I was on welfare for 1 year because of no help with children. I just got a job, but I still need help. I don't have money for a lawyer.

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You may want to contact the bar association in the county in which the case is pending in NC and ask if there are any pro bono resources that you can contact. If so, it may be beneficial for you to file directly in NC and avoid the use of the interstate compact.

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Usually, you just get an order for child support in the state where you and the children reside, which in your case, would be Maryland. After you obtain your court order of child support you then have that order registered in the state where the other parent resides. Something seems amiss here. Have you first obtained an order of child support from a Maryland court? Have you then registered that order for child support in North Carolina? Perhaps you could have a consultation with an attorney who can look at your papers and perhaps figure out what is wrong with this situation. Perhaps you have left out some crtical fact from your description of the circumstances.

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