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How do i get charges dropped in court against someone

Saratoga Springs, NY |

i went to the police station and pressed charges against someone for punching and denting the hood of my car than my mom the co owner of the vehicle also pressed charges plus i got 2 witness statements +mine and my moms against the person. him and i have come to a agreement and i dont wish to press the charges any more to fix the damages which totaled to 1099.95 which in NY is a felony i told the cop all i wished to do is get my car fixed when i went down to try to with draw my complaint they told me i cant withdraw it but yet if i take it to court i probularry wont get my money for fixing my car instead he will go to prison and therefore the car repairs still wont be done due to our agreement which was you pay for all repairs and i drop charges

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Attorney answers 3


Only the prosecutor can drop charges, SO convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case.


If the People will not drop the case, I suggest that you advise the County District Attorney's office and the Court that you want restitution to be a part of any resolution to the case. You should provide both with estimates of the damage to your car


You cannot "drop charges" as they are not your charges to drop; that decision belongs exclusively to the DIstrict Attorney's Office. You can however, write to the DA that you have no objection to the charges being dropped if you are made whole and that being made whole is the only important thing to you.

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