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How do I get book and released for long beach court house?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have no social or ca I.d, I'm an immigrant that qualifies for daca.

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Why are you getting booked and released? If you are in court already and the court ordered you to be booked and released, get a copy of the docket sheet, then you appear at the Police department with the order from the court and you get booked. Being booked means having your photo taken, fingerprints taken, etc. If you are not in the court system, I need more information to advice you better. If it is an immigration issue, then you should contact an immigration attorney.

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i want to do the book and release already but i have no social which they ask me for,. the court, indeed, did ask me to get it done. do i explain to them that i cant get a social, i dont want to be put in ICE and make this minor problem bigger.