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How do I get an extension on my court date

Irvine, CA |

I just have a quick question, I ve completed almost all of my classes that i was require to take including my community services.

I was require to take court referral classes which the due date is on before 2-19-2013, however, I had to reschedule one of my court refferal classes and that rescheduled time was around November. However, I dont think that i will be present in California because i will be living in Hawaii for couple months until next year.

Therefore, I was wondering if i can extend my completion date for my court refferal classes, is that possible?

in that case of extending my court completion date, will I have to go see the judge again? Or could I simply go to the front desk where they assinged my classes and tell them about my issue so they can extend my completion date?

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Unless you have missed a court date, or otherwise showed the court you are a difficult case, it is generally easy to request at least one extension on any particular case. Just tell your lawyer the situation and kindly ask them to request and extension from the court. I have only been unsuccessful with my clients when there is a history of the client missing court or failing to follow court instructions. Good luck.


You say that you "had to reschedule one of my court refferal classes." If you are currently in a DUI program, missing one class will not result in any problems. However, in you are taking classes because of a drug offense, then you need to talk to the provider of that program to see if you can even take a leave of absence while you are in Hawaii. If you get these answers before you need to leave for Hawaii you will likely avoid having problems with the court. Judges frequently ask probationers why they simply did not come to court before missing the classes to ask for an extension, Do not put this off. Talk to the people in your program. if they say you need to see the judge, go to court BEFORE you go to Hawaii...Aloha!

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Why can't you take care of the classes between now and the time you leave to Hawaii? What you are trying to do is certainly possible; however, it will really depend on the facts. If your case is out of Harbor Court, Judge George would be hearing your request and she's a tough sell. Your best bet is to have an attorney help you with this or, as the other attorney suggested, put your court obligations first. Otherwise, Judge George will be quick to impose jail.

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