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How do I get an assault charge off my record?

Everett, WA |

I was convicted over three years ago. Assault four, I have paid my fine and completed all that needs done. I have tried going to the court house, but no one seemed to know how to really help me. I need this off my record or at least sealed, whatever I can do to continue my career.

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If you were given a suspended sentence, then you are asking to vacate your record of conviction. If you were convicted of a non-DV assault, then you must wait 3 years after completion of the terms of the sentence. Five years if the victim was DV related. Often times the suspension period of a sentence is two years, so that will be 5 or 7 years after you were sentenced in court.

If you were given a deferred sentence, the above will not apply, you will need to expunge records of your previous conviction. handles these cases. I rarely see someone do this without the assistance of an attorney. (206) 617-9173