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How do i get an anullment? how do i fight for full custody of my son?

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Anullment because we were married young, and was influenced by family members.
as far as fighting for full-custody, the dad left when he was 6 months old, my child is almost 2, his dad doesnt know his doctor, favorite food, if he's ever been sick, or what size clothes or diapers he wears.. he hasnt supported him since he left, he's been fooling with other females as were still married, he was abusive, he has no home, he lives on a friends couch. he has issues that affect him from his childhood, and he has anger issues. what can i do?

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You have not set out grounds to annul your marriage. You need to hire an attorney and seek custody of your child and child support.

This response does not creat an attorney client relationship. In all cases, I recommend you seek a paid consultation with an attorney with expertise in this area.


As per the other answer you have provided no grounds for having the marriage declared null. You do have the right to a divorce and should do that along with seeking child custody and child support.

Every situation is different and you should consult your own attorney to go over all the particular facts in your case. The answer given is only intended to provide general guidance regarding rights and responsibilities.


No grounds stated for annulment. It is not grounds enough that you were young or family put pressure on you. Why not get a divorce plain and simple. Same result, no steep grounds required. Just live separate and apart for six month (or file an affidavit if you have already lived apart for six months) , and petition for full custody in your petition for divorce and you should get the results you are seeking. Please consult an attorney in your area for further assistance. Good Luck.

<<DISCLAIMER>> Information provided in this response is intended to be informational or educational only. It in no way establishes an attorney-client relationship. Because every case is factually (and in some instances jurisdictionally) dependent, it is not possible to accurately answer each question posed. If you have sincere legal concerns, it is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel IN YOUR AREA. A response is not intended to create, nor does it create, a continuing duty to respond. Also, Ms. Eskinde is licensed in Louisiana, so if you require immediate assistance, then you need to contact someone who is in your state, if outside of Louisiana.


I agree with the other attorneys who have posted here. It sounds like you need a divorce, not an annulment. With regard to the custody issue, you may be able to move for sole custody. However, I would not recommend doing so without the assistance of an attorney. Good luck.

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