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How do I get a stolen dog back?

Tolland, CT |

My mom has a dog that she got for free from previous owner before he would go to the pound. The girlfriend of my brother's friend sent a text to my mom asking if she could borrow our dog to hang a sign around his neck saying "Prom?" to ask her boyfriend out to prom. My mom thought it was okay and the girlfriend promised to bring him back. Later that night, he wasn't brought back. They said they wanted to keep him overnight. Okay. The next night, same thing. They wanted to take him to the beach the next day. She said okay again. After that, they still did not bring him back and now they are saying the dog is "theirs". My mom has all the receipts/vaccinations/medications/neutering/registration papers proving her ownership but the police don't want anything to do with it.

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Your mom needs to insist that the police at least take a theft report, she should also contact all the local vets, shelters, etc, in case they try and dump the dog. She should then speak with an attorney regarding her next steps - hopefully, a letter from a lawyer threatening legal action will be enough to get the dog back. Gook luck.

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That's awful! I agree with counsel. The police should at least make a report. I hope your mom has pictures of the dog with you guys. Talk to a local lawyer about sending her a letter. Otherwise she can sue them in small claims court. Good luck


It is very difficult to get the police to become involved in pet theft matters, but your case is clear. I would approach the police again to file a report, but I wouldn't let that delay you in taking legal action. You need to get an attorney immediately. That attorney should send a demand letter demanding the return of the dog in a short period of time and threaten to file suit if he is not returned. I agree that all local shelters and veterinarians should be contacted with photos and your contact information . Keep in touch with them, as well. I understand that it is possible to post an amber alert type notice on some pet lost websites. You may want to look into that as well.

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