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How do i get a peace order dropped

Ellicott City, MD |

A few days ago i got a peace order against my ex bf but i want to have it removed . How do i do this ? And how long will it take to happen ? The finally hearing is on Monday . Please help .

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If you only have a temporary order in place at this point - you would just ask the judge to dismiss the petition for the peace order and not have it be entered as a final order. The judge will ask you questions, and then has the ability to dismiss the petition right there on the spot.

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Am i able to talk to him even though it hasnt been lifted yet but i am going to have it lifted?

Bennett James Wills

Bennett James Wills


Not knowing the contents of the peace order, I cannot tell you whether you can contact him or not. To ensure no one violates the order, the safe thing to do would be to not contact him. But again, I cannot give an answer without knowing what the judge ordered.


Very simple. At the final hearing move to dismiss the Order. A temporary order is only good for seven days.

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