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How do I get a lien filed after a judgement award in small claims court?

Mcloud, OK |

was awarded a judgemet which seems to be only a piece
of paper(so far). he has made no effort to pay on any part of it.10 months have passed since judgement. Looking for a way to collect this dept.

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Record the judgment with the recorder's office in the county where the real property is located. Be prepared with the legal description as well as the address of the property you want to lien.

If the debtor lives on the property, you probably won't see much benefit to the lien for many many years, as residential property is usually protected by the homestead laws.

Hope this perspective helps!


If you know where the judgment debtor works, you can seek to have his or her wages garnished. The Court Clerk's office should have the appropriate forms. You can also subpoena the judgment debtor to come to an "asset hearing." However, you may need an attorney to properly set this up.

The answer given does not imply that an attorney-client relationship has been established and your best course of action is to have legal representation in this matter.