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How do I get a federal charge expunged. My record is expunged on a state level...How can I get it expunged on a federal.

Little Rock, AR |

I was young, did something stupid. Robbed a bank. what can I do about this?

it was for drug charges

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First, it depends upon your age when you did the crime. Sometimes, you can get the conviction set aside if you were under a certain age. However, since it was bank robbery, which was prosecuted as a federal offense, its unlikely that you will be able to "expunge" your criminal record.

However, you may wish to hire an attorney who regularly appears in a federal court in your immediate area and ask them if there are any special circumstances under which you can clear such a conviction from your record.

Good luck with it.


I concur with my collegue. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be able to get this off your record given the type of crime and court of conviction. I also agree that seeking a consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer admitted to practice in the District where this occurred would be a good idea. Bring all documentation you have with you to the consult and maybe the lawyer will be able to suggest an alternative course of action. Good luck.

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