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How do I get a deposit back when my land lord has passed away?

Houston, TX |

About two weeks before I moved out my land lord became Ill and went to the hospital. About two weeks later he died. Prior to his death his family was talking to us letting us know that they would take car of us. Now that he's gone they don't talk to us. I have actually seen them go in the house when they see my car coming and then not answer the door. The deposit was $800 dollars and was kind of a big deal to me and my family.

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See the lease provisions for notice and strictly comply if possible. If the person to whom notice is owed is the deceased lanlord (and not a management company), make a demand to the representative of the estate. Also see Also see You could be entitled to more than the return of the security deposit, including attorney's fees.

John Zgourides

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