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How do I get a copy of a judgement that was "supposedly" issued against me in small claims court in massachusetts.

Cambridge, MA |

I have been contacted by a law firm stating that they are garnishing my wages to collect on a small claims court judgement that was filed against me. I have no idea what this "judgement" is - I do have a Docket Number and need to know how to get a copy of this judgement.

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If you have the docket number, you can go to the court where the judgment was entered and obtain a copy of all of the pleadings. In many jurisdictions, you may also be able to obtain a copy of the pleadings from the court's website.


You could contact the court clerk. But I suggest that you send a letter to the law firm demanding that they provide you with a copy of the judgment, all pleadings and proof of service.



I did send them a letter asking for this information over a year ago but they never responded back - until now with this threat of wage garinshment

Jonathan R. Miller

Jonathan R. Miller


I am not a Massachusetts attorney, but if you were never served with a copy of the judgment they are probably precluded from enforcing it. I suggest you consult with a Massachusetts attorney. Good luck.


under Massachusetts law you must have been served with a copy of the complaint at your home at last known address if this never occurred you might have a way to challenge the judgment. contacting a debt relief attorney in Massachusetts would be a good first step in determining what rights you may have.

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The other attorneys have provided you with excellent advice.

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