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How do I get a contempt of court charge sealed/expunged?

Parker, CO |

I pulled up a CBI background check on myself for a job. I have an arrest for contempt of court from five years ago on my report. I didn't pay a court fine on time and I ended up getting arrested at the Parker Police Station while getting finger printed for another job. I was never taken to jail or anything for the offense, I was just booked at the police station. They let me pay the fine at the police station and I never had another court date set, which seems strange to me. Is there any way I can get this expunged/sealed from my record? Is there anything that can prohibit me from getting this sealed? And where would I send the motion to seal, since I was arrested and charged at the police station and never taken to county? Thank you for any answers you have.

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There is no provision for getting a contempt of court motion sealed in CO.

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Mr. Leroi is correct - but I suspect that the arrest is what is showing on your record not the actual contempt citation (which is in the court record). Since the arrest did not actually translate into a criminal conviction, it may be possible to seal that record. It is an unusual situation and it may be difficult to find a lawyer who had handled such a thing before so there is no guaranty of success. You will have to determine how much effort and resources you are willing to put into trying to get the record sealed.

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