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How do I get a abstract if I have 2 fta

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Contact a lawyer to help you. A lot depends on which courts. If you go in on your own they will likely require bail on both cases plus a payment of the FTA. An attorney can likely get you the abstract and set the cases for trial without depositing bail. The temporary abstract itself costs $10.00 each, but that is the least of your problems.

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Do you have 2 separate cases with fta's or a double fta. An attorney can help you with the 2 separate cases. Double fta's are a big problem in LA County Courts. You can get a court date- but will not get holds lifted unless you post bail.- and even then it can be a challenge.


Procedures vary dramatically from county to county. To get a correct answer, you should identify the county where the cases are located.


You should have an attorney appear so you don't have to post bail on the cases. Then the attorney can ask the Judge to order an abstract. That's really the only way to have it done.

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