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How do i gain access to a court blocked bank account (till age 18) so i can withdraw the funds into a private account?

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I broke my leg when i was 2 at a city ran jolly-jump, after the settlement and medical fees passed i had 5000$ put into a trust fund account till i turn 18 (04/29/2011), i was wondering if i could get a court ordered waiver to get access to the money now, in order to finish my driving school, get a car, pay for insurance, and pursue a career.
Any advice?
(i am 16 and a half at the moment)

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Any access to a blocked account would have to be granted by the probate court. You will have to petition the court and explain your circumstances.

This does not constitute legal advice. To give legal advice I would have to interview you and receive all of the facts about your specific situation, and be retained as your counsel. Unless, and until this happens, I am not your attorney.

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You should try to see the actual terms of the trust. Perhaps the trust provisions give the trustee the authority to pay for the items in question. If not, the prior attorney is correct as far as petitioning the court for such payments.

Hope this helps.

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