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How do i found out how much i owe in fines?

Nashville, TN |

I was placed on probation in Dekalb county georgia for driving with no insurance and no
registration back in 2004. I paid one probation payment and moved to tennessee. I want to pay off my fines. I know i will have to turn myself in but i want to pay my fines before i do that. I cant remeber who my probation officer was or how much i owe. I know the first response is going to be get an attorney, but thats easier said than done. i dont have the money for an attorney and my fines. Is there anytype of public records i can access to get this information?

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Attorney answers 2


Even if you could remember the name of your probation officer, there is no guarantee that he/she is still employed by that office. Chances are, if you call the probation department and provide them with your name and date of birth, they will connect you with someone who can give you the proper guidance of how to "clean up" your account.


I do not practice in Georgia, but rather in Nashville, TN. Your question would be better posed to a Georgia attorney but I would recommend contacting the Court Clerk's office in Dekalb County if the probation office is not helpful. Probation may collect the fines and court costs, but I would imagine that the court clerk would also know the amount owed.