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How do I finish my divorce without having to start all over with another lawyer?

Easton, PA |

I have been legally seperated for 3 years and paying spousal support. That is how long I have been married. My wife and I have no children and I left quietly. She has the house, the cars, and everything in the house. I have paid my lawyer almost $3,000 to finish this and she doesn't return my calls. I recieved in the mail a new invoice from her for $9,000! How do I finish this without having to start all over and pay more money for a new lawyer?

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Attorney answers 2


An attorney and client have a business relationship. If you are done with that attorney, fire them and move on pro se. I would certainly go to their office and have a meeting first. I'm sorry you are experiencing problems.


When you retained the attorney you should have been provide your Fee structure in writing. Most lawyers charge an hourly rate for their services versus a flat fee. I do not believe simply walking away is the correct action. You likely entered into a contractual agreement for legal services and simply leaving without paying your bill may be a breach of that agreement.

Most local bar associations have a "Fee Dispute Committee" which you may utilize to moderate your fee dispute.

It is highly probable that your fees incurred to date are appropriate, but you have not provided enough facts to appropriately assess them. You should receive an itemized bill regularly, if not monthly, of each task performed by your attorney.

I suggest calling the attorney. Perhaps a simple mistake in billing occurred.