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How do I find out when I can remove the interlock device from my auto

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It should be in the court order that was part of your sentence or plea, or ask your probation officer.

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The court doesnt have anything to do with the interlock device. The RMV is where I would start. Contact a hearings officer at your local branch and they will tell you the procedure.

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It depends on why the requirement was imposed. If it was by DMV, call them to inquire. If it was the court, review your terms of probation. If both, then whichever is longer. Best of luck.

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Contact the licensing agency for the exact time requirements. They will know better. Good luck.


If you have gotten a hardship license after a subsequent DUI then the ignition interlock is required for at least the period of the hardship license. Contact the RMV for further clarification.

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You will be required to have the Ignition Interlock for the duration of any hardship license, plus two years on and after on a regular license pursuant to Chapter 90, Section 24 1/2.

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Proper removal of the ignition interlock device depends upon who ordered you to have it installed. If the ignition interlock was ordered by the criminal court as part of your sentencing, then you should obtain a copy of the docket sheet in your criminal case from the clerk's office and bring that to your lawyer. If the ignition interlock device was placed in your motor vehicle for a hardship license, then it may be properly removed by your interlock provider upon completion of your original period of suspension plus 2 years.