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How do I find out when flashing amber school zone lights operate?

Austin, TX |

I live in Austin TX and got a ridiculous speeding ticket. I know the school zone lights were not flashing as I taveled through a school zone at 26mph. The cop wrote me a ticket for speeding in a 20mph but failed to mark it as a school zone. The D.A. said the cop coud just rewrite the ticket and that they couldn't drop the ticket because there were t many unknowns. They told me to find out when the school zone lights start running and compare it to my ticket time. I'm set to plead my case infront of a judge a month from now. How can I find out when these things are running besides goin out and watching them all day with a video camera?

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The best admissible evidence is for you to prepare that video that accurately records the time of day applicable to your case. Also, the school may know the hours the 20 mph limit applies so you might phone there.

Good luck.


The school zone lights are typically tied to the time just before that school opens and the time when it lets out (but may be longer period if it's a high school since students come and go and various times near the end of the day). Normally, I would advise someone to make an open records request to the City of Austin requesting this information. You're probably entitled to it, but there's no guarantee that you would get it back before your next court date. Your best bet may be to find the school start and end times and, yes, sit there with a video tape.

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