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How do I find out what public defender is assigned to an inmate, so the inmate can speak to him before he pleds his case?

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He just committed his first violation while on a 3yr probation which was almost over in 5months. He was put on probation for poss of controlled substance. Online it shows the same charge their trying to give him again for failing a drug test with his PO. He failed the test do to marijuana & his doctor prescribed medications. He has all his doctors doc's since 2003 to present showing he's currently undergoing pain mana. therpy & he also has his doctors recomendation for medical marijuana. Which helps with the pain therpy medications hes taking. He pleded not guilty at his arraignment & was given a court date to pled his case on 10-25-10. How can I find out what PD will be assigned to him so he can speak to him before hand about the case? Please advice.

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If you have the inmate's case number, call the local branch of the Public Defender's office and give them the case number. If you don't have the case number, have the inmate's name and date of birth handy for the secretary. They should be able to tell you who is assigned to the case with that information. Good luck.


First, copy down the case number from the sheriff's website. The number will start with something like SCE, SCN, SCD, etc., followed by six numbers. Then call the public defender's office and provide the person's full name, date of birth, and case number. Ask to be connected with the attorney assigned to the case. You'll probably have to leave a message for the attorney to call you back. If you're unhappy with the assigned public defender you can always consult a private defense attorney.


If he arrested for a violation of probation the charge shown on the sheriff's website was probably the original charge he was convicted of, which is what landed him on probation. This is especially true since the next court date is so far out it appears it is a probation violation only.

Follow the instructions as given in the previous answers to contact the attorney assigned from the office of the public defender.

good luck!

David P. Shapiro

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