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How do I find out what is filed against me?

Los Angeles, CA |
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Typically you won't know until you hear from the police. But communicating with them without an attorney is very dangerous. I'd either wait until I hear more about pending charges or put an attorney on retainer so that you have him/her on speed dial for when the arrest comes.

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Brian Russell Michaels

Brian Russell Michaels


You dont need to hire an attorney to do this. Its a 2 minute phone call an attorney should call for you


Were you arrested or cited? Even if the answer is yes, it is up to the DA to file formal charges. You call the DA or court or look online at the local court site. I would hire an attorney to assist you.


Adult criminal cases are public records, so try checking online or on the phone with the Clerk of Court. Then go visit a criminal defense lawyer to talk about your options.

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If you have been arrested or cited, you may check it online. If you believe you are being investigated for a crime, you will have to contact the Police Department for it, however, I suggest you speak with an attorney prior, and let the attorney contact them for you. Please let us know if we could further assist you.

Lawrence Wolf, Esq.


Simple. Call the DA who has jurisdiction over the case. If they wont talk to you, call us and we can find out in about 2 minutes.

Brian Michaels

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