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How do I find out what debts were discharged in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Atlanta, GA |

I have all of my bankruptcy paperwork but I am unable to tell what has/hasn't been discharged. Is there a way to find out if any of the debt that was included in my bankruptcy not discharged? All the paperwork that I have shows who was notified of my filling for bankruptcy and who was notified when it was discharged.

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You're not going to like the answer, but here it is:

Generally all the debts that can be discharged (gotten rid of) in the bankruptcy were discharged assuming no one objected and they were listed in the paperwork - including the correct addresses.

This usually includes most (not all) of unsecured debts - credit cards, medical bills, etc. Taxes are generally NOT discharged. I hope this at least helps a little. I've always hated that the court doesn't make a list for the filers to know exactly which ones were discharged.

Good luck.

Matthew Williamson


The best way is to call the lawyer who handled your case. Most debts are discharged, but certain taxes, domestic obligations, fraud, intentional torts, reassumed debts and recent debts are not.