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How do I find out the specifics of the sale of a business ?

Mentor, OH |

My family's business was recently sold. How can I find out the date of the sale and the selling price it sold for? I can't help but think that there has got to be an uncomplicated way to do this - only I have no idea where to begin. Your assistance is appreciated!

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I am assuming you cannot find this information out from your family or you would not be asking the question here. If there is real estate involved then your best bet would be to search in the register of deeds office to see who bought the real estate. If there is no real estate involved then it becomes a bit more complicated and some facts may prove impossible to find, especially if the business was sold in pices rather than as a going concern. I would suggest you use the find a lawyer tab above to locate an attorney in your area. There are several attorneys who offer free initial consultations who will explain all the places you would need to go to gather the information. You can always try the local news or chamber of commerce as well if it is a small town. Good Luck.

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