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How do I find out the beneficiary of my Mothers life insurance?

Oceanside, CA |

My Mother passed away recently with no money left for funeral expenses. My Father has been in poor health as well for a long time and has no money for the funeral. My Sister has found out that there were two Life Insurance policies in our Mother's name (one in her married name and one in her maiden name) but was only told that she wasn't the beneficiary so couldn't be told any more than that they exist. None of my siblings are admitting to knowing anything about them and my Father has no knowledge of them. Is there someway that we could find out who the beneficiaries are to even ask them to help with the Funeral?

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Cremation is around $1000.

It is truly sad that on a mother's day, no less, this type of question is asked.


Unless you are the beneficiary, they won't tell you. If you find the name of the insurance company, you can call and ask if you are the beneficiary, and your sister can call and do the same. Best bet is to dig through her papers to try to find the policy.


If you know which insurance company the policies may have been issued from, you can contact the insurer directly. If not, there are some services that can help you - visit my blog and search the term "policy" and you will find an article with links to additional help (I can't post links here). Good luck, and very sorry about your mother's passing.