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How do i find out if the taxes on very matured savings bonds were paid by my deceased aunt?

Herrin, IL |

i have EE savings bonds that matured more than 30 years. I discovered them in my aunts home while cleaning it out after she died. Some of the bonds have two names on them. both of the persons on the bonds are deceased. Ill use false names for examples. The bonds belonged to aunt mary who died in 2006 and some have aunt bettys name on them who died in 2013. Aunt mary left her small estate to aunt betty. Aunt betty left her estate to my father,2 sisters and my brother and myself. I am the admin of the estate. My father died 6 weeks before aunt betty. My question is how do i know if taxes have been paid on these bonds already?

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If they have not been cashed in, it is highly unlikely tax was paid on them. Good Luck

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