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How do i find out if someone was arrested for a dui in california?

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Ex-wife had dui a few years back and lost custody of our kids because of alcoholism and general neglect (substantiated by CPS). She got joint legal and unsupervised visitation back a few months ago, but there have been some incidences the last few weeks. I suspect she got another DUI and I am trying to find out if that's true. I'm going ex-parte next week and I'm trying to find out if she was arrested for a DUI which seems very difficult to do. Is there a way I can find that out? Will the court look it up at the hearing. Without adding too many details, she said her car was stolen instead of getting a DUI. She got her car back out of impound 2 days later citing the car thief was arrested. How do I find out if her car was really stolen?

Misdemeanor DUI's aren't listed on the court website; only felonies.

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You can check with the court in the county that you think she got arrested in to see if there are any pending charges against her.


The court website in the county you suspect her dui to be should indicate whether a case has been filed. If the website doesn't show her name, keep checking it everyday since the filing of a case could be delayed. It would also be important to find out if a child was in the car for child endangerment charges. The court may look it up, but may not either.

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Arrest records are public record. Type her name into google and see what comes up.


Go to the court clerks office and give her name and DOB to the clerk. Court files are public records so they should be able to tell you what, if any, cases she has/had in San Diego. If she was recently arrested and has not had court yet, charges may not have been filed thus there may not be a court file to view just yet.

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