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How do i find out if my mortgage , originally owned by green point , was involved in the Copperfield scandal / bankruptcy ?

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how would another ll be able to buy it ? how do i know they hold the original note ? i need to fight this company because i am in foreclosure & chap 13 . this ll has only been around 2 yrs . i think it smells fishy . give the run around on phone - we manage Mort for so & so . , can't give me direct # to mortgage holder . can't answer ? will have someone get back to you . please help

LLC(not ll)

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Mortgage Notes are regulary bought and sold between entities and individuals. Generally when a
Note is sold the Mortgage is than assigned of record to the new owner. this entails not only delivering the actual note and mortgage to the new owner but also recording and assignment of mortgage in the county clerks office. Since you are queens county you can easily search what documents are recorded againt your property by going to the city registers office. just google ACRIs and it will take you there. If there are any mortgage assignemnet recorded just look at the latest filing and it should at least indicate who is the "recird" holder the note and mortgae. Please remember that your Mortgage Note could have been sold and no asignment recorded. Good luck.

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David B Pittman

David B Pittman


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Quite often the mortgage is recorded in the name of MERS instead of the actual bank. Have your attorney handling the chapter 13 case assist you.

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As the other contributor said, mortgages are regularly bought and sold. It sounds as if you are interested in making the claim that because the assignment wasn't proper the debt is no longer owed. While this argument sounds attractive, it does not comport with an equitable argument. Please be careful in allowing someone to talk you into believing that you can get your home free and clear because of improper assignments.

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